Dji Mavic Pro

The DJI Mavic Pro is one of the most hyped products on the market just now, with many of the groups, blogs, and enthusiasts talking about how much they’d like one. It seems that DJI have really hit a sweet spot with the Mavic Pro, as many DJI haters and racing drone fanatics are even tempted to buy one, as well as new entrants to the hobby.


Here’s the headline specs that most people will care about, however there’s a comprehensive list available on the DJI website.

  • Max speed: 40 mph ( 65 kph )
  • Max height: 16,404 ft ( 5000 m ) above sea level
  • Max distance: 8 miles ( 13 km )
  • Max flight time: 27 mins ( no wind at 15 mph)
  • Battery capacity: 3830 mAh
  • Video resolution: 4K @ 30 fps
  • Camera resolution: 12 MP


One of the most attractive features to me is the Mavic’s ability to fold up, and become very compact. I wanted something that could easily travel around with me wherever I go, and would be quick to get in the air. After unboxing the Mavic, I could see that it actually almost fits in the palm of my hand (and I don’t have big monster hands).

The “fly more package”, which is what I bought, comes with 2 x Batteries, Charging Hub, Car Charger, 2 x Folding Props and a Shoulder Bag. The shoulder bag is about the size of a DSLR camera bag, and whilst a little bit of a squeeze I can get everything I need to fly in it, including the spare batteries, props and controller, as well as the Mavic.


Author: rdztech

Cumputer and gadget lover

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